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About Gym Identity

Our Identity

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So, you’ve come to this site seeing a fitness guru to help you on your journey to a new level of you. We get it. The team at Gym Identity is comprised of trainers throughout the 5 Boros. As much as this may sound strange to some, it’s not. Talent can be found anywhere, we don’t limit our company and its representatives to one place, it’s far to limiting. We need to strong, the intense, the super heros. They join us, they bring their unique quality to you.team_head

Here’s why we’re different and why you care. It’s easy to imagine a trainer, say it’s your current trainer, coming for an interview at Gym Identity. You might visualize the passing of a resume across a table. Well, that’s not all that happens. At Gym Identity, you are not only hired for your experience in the gym or as a bootcamp leader, you are hired for your vision, a creative working out you present that no one has ever seen before. We work through these all day long looking for magic we can deliver to clients. It’s not all about reaching YOU goal one way, it’s about keeping you engaged, mixing it up, making you love the why and the work!